The 'Viper'1 from Gandy Engineering is set to change the speciality printing and dipgital pad printing
market by introducing 'on the fly' digital LED UV printing to multi-surfaced objects which would
previously have been an expensive, wasteful and time consuming process.

The 'Viper' has a minimal setup cost and utilizes a 24x24 (600mm x 600mm) inch print area
and jig which is bespoke to your merchandise. The jig is interchangeable and mounted to the 24x24
print plate producing perfect registration every time.

Printing with the Viper enables different variations of the product to be produced at the same time.
Materials and products printed on the Viper range from ipad covers to iphone cases, key chains
to golf balls. Almost anything can be printed on the 'Viper' with a height of 12 inches (300 mm)
or less. The 'Viper' has a low ink consumption which yields a higher ROI.
The 'Viper' uses a *6 colour blade configuration driven by Ricoh Gen 4 print heads which deliver a 6 pl droplet.

A '2' or '3' droplet per pixel mode is available producing higher ink densities when required
for specific applications. The operator can choose to print solid 4 colour with 2 inline rows
of white at the same time with no loss of productions speed.

There is no loss in production printing at either 4 colour or 4 colour with white modes. Printing with
UV ink offers the end user excellent adhesion and durability on a wide gamut of plastics and materials.

Automatic ink level monitoring is displayed 'live' on the specially designed GUI with full control
on the Apple iPad (industry first).

Laser controlled head height censoring eliminates the risk of expensive head strikes, nozzle damage
and down time. To improve print resolution and clarity the 'Viper' is equipped with an 'anti static
system' and uses the latest LED UV curing technology.
This curing process produces no heat which is beneficial to heat sensitive plastics and materials.

Color Configurations available:
4C - C,M,Y,K.
4CR - C,M,Y,K, Clear.
4WCR - C,M,Y,K, White, Clear.
4WW - C,M,Y,K, White, White.
6C � C,M,Y,K,LtC,LtM.

(*addional extra)

The Viper works with all major suppliers of RIP software intergrating seamlessly
with your existing production department workflow.
Please contact the RIP manufacturer for options, support and pricing.

With 30+ years of digital printing technology and proven track record of consistently being at the forefront of the Large Format Digital Print Industry, you'll want to see for yourself why we lead the way.

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